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Why choose us

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Our advantages

Operates within EU Regulation

Royal Forex is a licensed company incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus, which is a part of the European Union since 2004 and adheres to high standards of the European financial market regulation. Cyprus accepts the trust and respect of investors around the world because of its well-developed financial and legal infrastructure, high-level professionals and optimal taxation.

Cyprus as a jurisdiction does not fall into the category of "classic offshores" (unlike, for example, British Virgin Islands, Belize, etc.), since its legislation and financial markets regulation are harmonized with the EU standards. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) monitors investment companies’ activities and their compliance with laws and regulations. Licensed companies shall comply with capital adequacy ratios, file accounts, verify the origin of clients’ investments and participate in the Investor Compensation Fund.

To ensure the protection of investors and compliance with laws Royal Forex introduced a special procedure of account opening. If you open an account with a broker with a softer regulation that offers a simplified procedure of account opening, you shall be aware of additional risks. These may be broker’s involvement in illegal schemes along with the low level of investors ' rights protection in case of force majeure.

We at Royal Forex believe that our top priority is ensuring safety of clients’ assets to support your comfortable access to the financial markets.

Investor Compensation Fund

Royal Forex is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, which guarantees repayment up to EUR 20 000 per Retail client in the event of our insolvency. It is important for us to allow you devote into trading with a peace of mind over the protection of their funds.

Within the framework of the EU Directive 97/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 3 March 1997 and under the Provision of Investment Services, the Exercise of Investment Activities, the Operation of Regulated Markets and Other Related Matters Law 144(I)/2007 we are a member of the Investor Compensation Fund.

The Investor Compensation Fund is an independent scheme, which guarantees compensation in cases where the company concerned is unable to meet its obligations due to its financial circumstances and when no realistic prospect of improvement in the above circumstances in the near future seems possible. In this case compensation up to EUR 20 000 can be paid to Retail customers of the company.

When opening an account with Royal Forex each client is categorized into one of the following three categories: Retail client, Professional client or Eligible counterparty. Subsequently the categorization can be changed. Our Client categorization policy helps customers to select a desired capital protection level.

Attractive Trading conditions

Royal Forex innovative solution allows an individual investor to enjoy institutional-grade CFD trading. At the same time our commissions are very competitive even for the professional Forex. The list of traded instruments includes CFDs on currencies, indices, metals, commodity futures and constantly expanding.

We are fully focused on CFDs and offer attractive conditions for them. Compared to trading in underlying asset, CFDs are less costly in terms of commission as a trader don’t have to bear the cost of storage for the physical asset. However, CFDs allow to speculate in underlying asset with leverage (see Trading Conditions). For balanced approach to trading please consider the desirable level of risk when choose the leverage (see Risk Notice). If your preferences changed you can set new leverage level upon request.

We do not offer excessively risky features like binaries or highly leveraged instruments. Our goal is a long-term partnership with each client but not to make a profit at the expense of them.

Please consider CFD trading opportunities provided to our clients:

  • Over 60 currency pairs including FX popular and emerging markets: Chinese Yuan, Russian Ruble, South African Rand, Mexican Peso, Turkish Lira
  • Precious metals: gold and silver against USD and EUR with very competitive spreads
  • EU, US, Asian and Australian Shares
  • Indices and ETF Funds
  • Narrow floating spreads from 0.1 PIP
  • Market FX and metals swaps without commissions. Broker Royal Forex does not charge own fees for FX and metals swaps. Fee for position rollover depends on the ratio of currencies interest rates, counterparties’ fees and other parameters.

More information on trading conditions can be found here. We offer trading on STP accounts only, as it eliminates conflict of interests between a broker and a client. To ensure rapid execution of orders, the broker Royal Forex has access to liquidity from leading financial institutions and major banks.

100% STP

Royal Forex is a STP broker with 100% market execution and does not trade against clients. Our earnings depend only on the volume of transactions thus we are interested in your success.

There are two main types of order execution in the Forex market: instant execution and market execution. In the first case broker acts as a dealer, who has a commitment to buy and sell currency at declared prices. In this case a client is trading against his broker-dealer. When one of them loses the other always wins. The result is a conflict of interest: the client profit is dealer's loss and vice versa.

In the case of market execution, the transaction is automatically transferred from a broker to liquidity providers (banks and designated financial institutions). Trading without broker interference is called NDD (Non-Dealing Desk), and type of accounts - STP (Straight through processing).

Unlike brokers who act as dealers, Royal Forex offers only one account type – STP. It makes no sense for a STP broker to manipulate quotes. By contrast, for instant execution accounts there is always a broker-dealer's temptation to requote or not to execute clients' orders when there is a conflict of interest. Royal Forex income consists solely of commissions, so we encourage you to do as much as possible profitable trades with the largest possible volume. Our STP account is suitable for scalping and expert advisors. You can be sure that we are always on your side.

Deep Liquidity

Royal Forex works with leading financial institutions and has access to the pool of the world largest banks’ liquidity, allowing customers quickly fulfill orders, minimize the likelihood of slippage and ensure that the broker sets no requotes.

Forex market is considered as the most liquid trading market in the world. Banks, investment funds, major international firms are the main liquidity providers. They trade Forex on a regular basis, not only to speculate but also to exchange currencies and hedge risks.

Maintaining a high level of liquidity for fast order execution is top priority of Royal Forex. The status of a European regulated intermediary allows us to collaborate with leading players in the global financial market.

Our liquidity provider gives us the access to liquidity pools of the following financial institutions:

Deutsche Bank JP Morgan BNP Paribas Goldman Sachs
Bank of America Citi Commerzbank Societe Generale
HSBC UBS Nomura Morgan Stanley
Credit Suisse RBS CIBC Sucden Financial Limited

Benefits for Algo Traders

Royal Forex welcomes algo traders and offers special conditions for those who generate large volumes. We encourage you to use IT innovations on financial markets, so we enable scalping and advisors.

Advisers are the programs that enable to automate market analysis and trade operations. Advisor can estimate current market situation and on the basis of received signals trade without investor’s direct involvement.

The use of robots allows you to trade around the clock and to concentrate on strategy choice, instead of spending time at the terminal waiting for the best moment or performing routine operations. Expert advisers provide an opportunity to use trading strategies created by other authors simply by copying their actions. Unlike brokers with instant execution, Royal Forex is not interested in banning trading with expert advisors. On the contrary, we believe that STP accounts are ideal opportunity for scalping and advisors because of high speed of orders execution and deep liquidity.

Please note that Royal Forex itself does not offer, sells, resells or develops for sale automated advisors or trading robots.

Have any questions? Feel free to Chat Online or email to clients@royalforex.com. We are always glad to help you.

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